Morocco should be proud of this, and its Arab neighbors should look to it. In January, the North African state began criminal proceedings, which are pursued with great interest worldwide.

Already last year, a decision of the Moroccan Supreme Court came to great international approval, especially in human rights organizations. The court had declared inadmissible trials against violent separatists before military courts and turned them over to the civil courts. For Moroccan adversaries, it was a strong slap in the face, especially since they wanted to denounce the Kingdom because of alleged violations of the principles of a fair trial.
Morocco has advantages over its neighbors-and the Arab world in general-for many reasons, because it is a state of law in which differentiated judgments are made and accepted. That is why Morocco belongs to the common values of modern democracies and once again proves that the kingdom is a fully-fledged state.
A look at the judges and the courtroom on 26.12.2016
The pioneering decision of the Moroccan judiciary is also likely to be of interest to German domestic policy as it confirms the correctness of the decision of the Federal Government of 3 February 2016, according to which Morocco is declared a safe country of origin.

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