Spain wants to give a new focus to its relations with the continent after several years of declines in development aid.

With that goal in mind, the Canarian president, Fernando Clavijo, expressed to the Spanish Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, a formal proposal for the first Spanish-African summit at the end of this year, to be held in Gran Canaria. An idea that, he said, was “very well received” by the head of Spanish diplomacy.

That is why in the last decades the governments of the Canary Islands have marked one of their priorities in the creation of a framework of commercial and cultural relations with the area called West Africa. The Canary Islands wants to continue consolidating its status as a platform for the development of West Africa.


The airline Binter makes more than fifteen weekly connections with different parts of the continent, and a maritime line will soon be established between Puerto del Rosario and Tarfaya (Morocco), which will consolidate the work carried out in recent years To convert the Archipelago “into West African development platform”.



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