The city of Laayoune, capital of the southern provinces, vibrated from 19 to 22 January at the rhythm of the first edition of the Wennibik Festival, which comes close to a 10-month vocational training given to young people from the region of Laayoune -Sakia El Hamra.


According to the organizers, this unique festival of its kind in the southern provinces (Laâyoune, Smara, Tarfaya and Boujdour), organized by the Association Racines and promoted by the Phosboucraa Foundation, concludes the vocational training, “The Sound of South “and reflects an innovative vision in which culture reveals an additional lever for socio-economic development of territories.


The “Sound of South” trainees also benefited from the experience of renowned artists such as the musician Barry and his group, as well as musicians hassanis, who realized a 6 months artistic residence in preparation for an album and a tour. The 10-month training was aimed at preparing these young people for the trades of technical management, the elaboration and administrative management of cultural and artistic projects.

Singer and composer, Mohamed Bahri, aka Barry



On an open-air stage in Al Hizam Square, Réda Taliani, accompanied by his orchestra, gave for free a demonstration of his talent and voice, singing many of his songs, creating a warm and enthusiastic musical atmosphere .

The Algerian singer Réda Taliani






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