On 2 February, the moroccan equipment department will select a consulting firm to entrust it with the task of carrying out the geotechnical study and the expertise for the Tiznit-Guelmim section of the giant Tiznit-Laâyoune-Dakhla expressway project in the amount of 2.5 million dirhams.

Expressway Tiznit-Laayoune-Dakhla

The Tiznit-Laayoune-Dakhla expressway project, which will mobilize a budget of 8.5 billion dirhams, will be implemented in two tranches. The first will link Tiznit to Laâyoune for 655 km and 6.2 billion dirhams, and the second will go from Laâyoune to Dakhla and cost 2.3 billion dirhams. The first section will come out of the ground while the second will consist of a widening and a reinforcement of the existing road.

The objective of this expressway is to reduce journey times, avoid road cuts following floods and silting up, reduce vehicle operating costs and improve logistics services for passengers and in terms of transport of goods. It will consist of the sections Tiznit-Guelmim, Guelmim-Laayoune, Laayoune-Dakhla, passing by Tan Tan, Tarfaya and Boujdour. The project will also include the creation of rest areas, and parking for trucks.


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