Port authorities of Canary Islands have confirmed starting of the line Puerto Del Rosario-Tarfaya, once this port facility will be commissioned.


The authorities of the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands are relieved. The highly anticipated shipping line linking the port of Rosario to that of Tarfaya is confirmed. It will be commissioned after inauguration of Moroccan port, planned for this year. The dock reserved for this Morocco-Canary service is in phase to comply with the new requirements of the line. This line will allow the development of a new industry derived from the processing of sea products for the European market.

The new line will be a major element in creating jobs and boosting the economy of the Islands and the South of Morocco. This would be a direct maritime line linking Africa to Europe in just two hours. In fact, the port of Tarfaya is promoted to a bright future. According to a study commissioned by the port authorities of the archipelago, it would be interesting to link also the port of Gran Canaria with Tarfaya  through a direct line of goods to develop exports for fruits and vegetables.


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