Marjane, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Holmarcom take a walk into the South

This may be a turning point in the economic development of the southern regions. Sixty businessmen intend to realize simultaneously to more than 6 billion dirham investment in Guelmim, Tan-Tan, Laayoune, Boujdour and Dakhla. Several sectors are targeted: fishing, textile, catering, retail …

With less than one million registered inhabitants in 2014, the southern regions account for 4,4% of national health

Among the projects announced in the first forum organized by the General Confédéderation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) in Laayoune, appears the Anwar Group for an investment of 250 million dirhams, an industrial unit – specialized in mineral water – by the holding Holmarcom. Other projects announced are logistic investments in Mhiriz, in the region of Bir Guendouz; a logistic plateform to improve trade between the southern and sub-Saharan African partners.


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