Maritime transport: Opening of the Tarfaya Fuerteventura-line is on track

The Moroccan and Spanish parties seem to be determined overcoming all obstacles on the opening of the sea route linking Tarfaya and Fuerteventura, coveted by economic operators of both countries. In this sense, a delegation of representatives of the regional government of the Canary Islands held a series of meetings with politicians and representatives of local authorities to inform each other on the progress of the efforts of both parties to meet the growing demand for maritime connection between Morocco and the Spanish autonomous region, facinating also many businessmen and citizens of both sides.

Kanaren Südmarokko

This connection will be a real breath of oxygen for both partners, as it will allow them to offer new opportunities. This line will be, undoubtedly, an attraction for investors and open a door for passengers who want to travel from the Canary Islands to Morocco. It will also allow tourists who stay in the Kingdom to enjoy the proximity of the two regions, to get to the Spanish archipelago. The new shipping line is also eagerly awaited by members of the Moroccan community living in the Spanish archipelago, especially those from southern provinces of the Kingdom.

To accompany this dynamic, the port of Tarfaya, considered to be the closest of the Canary Islands, has also been redesigned to allow it to open international trade of goods and transfer of passengers with the islands. This port expansion work has focused on dredging the port, the construction of a seawall, docks and embankments. An investment of more than 522 million DH.


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