The PréCOP Laayoune – organized by the Moroccan Coalition for Climate Justice (CMJC) – will take place on 15/07/2016 for the regions Seguia Hamra; Oued Eddahab and Oued Noun.

The CMJC – a network of more than 200 organizations – holds 4 regional PréCOP (Casablanca, Marrakech, Laayoune, Oujda) to mobilize associations, elected CMJCrepresentatives, outside agencies and the private sector for the implementation of territorial policies. The goal: contribution to the mitigation of climate change and the protection of the environment with an approach taking into account the protection of individuals and groups in vulnerable situations.

These events will address new issues, such as gender and climate, the issue of climate refugees or the place and role of youth in environmental protection.

The aim of these PréCOP’s is to strengthen public debate on all environmental issues, evaluating public policies in this area, and to suggest alternatives to polluting energies.


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